HA Design and Associates, an innovative interior architecture and design company, offers a complete turnkey service. We guarantee that our designs effectively reflect our client’s business, personalities and meet all their requirements (including functionality and budget management)


  • Project Fasibility Study
  • Cost Management

We consider all your requirements and perform extensive analysis to create a comprehensive solution that maximises the project efficiency and minimises any financial risks.


  • Space Planning
  • Conceptual & Detailed Design

Our design teams take you through our creative steps, visualize options and collaborate with your ideas via a scientific yet human-led approach to ensure your dream designed spaces become true.


  • Project & Procurement Management
  • Construction Management

Our project management and construction experience guarantees commitment to time, cost, and quality, ensuring design alignment, safety standards, and the highest quality in delivering your new space.


  • Project Handover
  • Maintenance & Modification

Not only do we deliver outstanding projects, but we also form great relationships. With every space, we offer complete lifecycle support through our Care Program, ensuring maintenance and optimization for your space.

The corporate motto, “Detail is Our Soul,” emphasizes our commitment to client details, from interviews to design, materials, constructions, furnishings, and handover processes. We utilize strategic planning and creativity through the holistic “ACES” approach to tailor our services to your specific demands.


Ambience And Senses

Ambience is not just determined by just the visual look of the space. Achieving the perfect ambience involves a balanced combination of aspects that meet basic human senses, including acoustic quality (Hearing), air circulation (Smell), material texture (Touch), and varying lighting colour and intensity (Visual).


Character & Identity

A good design customizes the needs and character of the users, but a great design tells a story about the space and the occupants.



We make designs that ensure a productive work environment and staff by considering the client’s interests and business operations. Our design ideas also improve the customer experience by facilitating effective delivery of service and product to customers and efficient customer reception and handling.


Space Planning

Changing the population density in a given space improves its vibrancy. Workplaces in densely populated areas can foster team spirit, whilst commercial spaces in sparsely populated areas offer privacy.  These designs respond to various needs and preferences while still maintaining a lively and inviting ambience.